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New Jersey Turns Down Gay Marriage Bill; Rhode Island Legislature Owns Anti-Gay Gov.

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The legislative news out of New England this week has been a mixed bag for the LGBT community.  Late Thursday night, New Jersey lawmakers voted 20-14 against a bill that would have made New Jersey the 6th state to allow gay marriage.  I tweeted an article yesterday discussing these developments which you can also link here.

In Rhode Island, however, the Legislature on Tuesday voted to over-ride the veto of one of America’s most anti-gay Governors, Gov. Donald Carcieri.  Carcieri had vetoed a bill that would allow domestic partners the right to to claim the bodies of and make funeral arrangements for each other.  The Legislature’s vote was a resounding thumbs-down to Carcieri – The house vote was 67 to 3, and the senate vote was 29 to 3.  You can link to an article from The Advocate discussing the Rhode Island developments here.

When I blog for CRW, one of the most enjoyable aspects of my writing is that I do not have to be objective on matters where editorial opinion might count.  I make no excuses for that.  And, folks, this is one of those times.  Who the Hell does this tool Carcieri think he is anyway?  I certainly hope he does not consider himself an advocate of limited government.  In my book, when the government steps in and decides whether I can take possession of my deceased partner’s remains and make funeral arrangements, the government is being pretty damned intrusive – and Fascist!

One of the comments following the article in The Advocate said it best:

“The next step is to work long and hard to get this homophobic, bigoted, discriminatory monster out as governor and replaced with someone who will follow the US Constitution for equal civil rights for all. Rhode Island needs to follow the other New England states for civil marriage equality now.”

I second those sentiments.  A free and democratic society is no place for someone like Gov. Carcieri.

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