Hungry And Homeless: The Daily Struggle Of America’s Youth

Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  Everywhere in America, grocery stores have laid out turkeys, hams, and roast beef.

Many of you may not know this, but this November is the first-ever National Homeless Youth Awareness Month.  To throw some additional light on the disgraceful problem of homelessness in America, I am posting some information here at CRW about how you can get involved in reaching out to homeless youth.

According to the Homeless Youth Among Us Blog

‘There are over 1,000,000 homeless kids on the streets of America right now!   Living, and dying. That’s unacceptable anywhere, and especially in a country like the US that can fix this issue.

Many of these kids are fleeing homes where they are being physically or sexually abused, only to be preyed upon once they’re on the streets by child traffickers, drug dealers, or pimps.  Between 17 and 35% of kids on the streets experience sexual abuse.

In June, singer/songwriter Jewel testified before Congress about how even she ended up homeless as a kid. As she puts it, “No child wakes up one day and says, gee, I feel like sleeping on a street corner.” ‘

Housing, health care, food – these are basic civil rights, and to be without them is a civil wrong.  If you agree, the Homeless Youth Among Us Blog says there are several things you can do to lend some support to the cause of ending youth homelessness, including:

  1. Add your name at or in the widget below (it only takes 30 seconds).
  2. Pimp your MySpace page or blog with the widget below or one of our banners. You can grab the code from or by clicking ’embed’ on the widget below.
  3. Spread the word! Do a quick blog post or bulletin with our widget asking your friends to add their name in support of ending youth homelessness.

You can also join the cause on Facebook here.  (Note:  it appears that the link on the Facebook page may be incorrect)  The website is, not .com.

Help U.S.A. is also in partnership with Virgin Mobile to raise awareness about this issue, so you may want to check out their websites as well.  The Help U.S.A. site contains a wealth of information about how you can help end homelessness, whether your specific interest is youth, elders, veterans, or women’s issues.

Meanwhile, I ask that you take a minute or two to watch the video by 26 year-old, “Mike,” who was locked out of his home by his mother and became homeless at the age of 15.  I have put it in the widget.  If you have any problems watching the video, it is also posted on the Homeless Youth Among Us blog.