Hulk Hogan’s Ex Celebrates Independence Day Aboard New Yacht, “Alimoney”

I came across a humorous article today at the California Family Law Paralegal blog, which I thought I’d pass along to you.  I don’t follow “celebrity gossip,” but once in a while a story comes along that, whether by actual newsworthiness or sheer morbid curiosity, I can’t seem to look away.  This story is one of those occasions.

For those of you familiar with the aging dinosaurs of the professional wrestling circuit, or stupid reality television shows, you probably already know about the multi-million dollar settlement Hulk Hogan had to pay to his ex-wife.  Apparently, the ex-Mrs. Hulk Hogan decided to spend a portion a portion of the settlement on her new yacht, which she elected to nickname “Alimoney.”  That’s not a typo, WordPress spell checker.  This classy dame did, indeed, name her yacht, “Alimoney.”  As if smashing all of Hulk’s toilet bowls wasn’t enough to tell all of the world, “Hey, I’m top drawer!”

I’m not sure what troubles me more about this story – the creature feature that is ex-Mrs. Hulk Hogan, pictured above, or the fact that I actually find myself feeling sorry for the Hulk.  That’s a new feeling, I can assure you.

You can read more about the story at the link provided.

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